Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have complied a list of questions we get asked the most, just click on the question to reveal the answer:

Use our online uploader tool to upload your own photos, photos taken with an iphone or android phone in most cases will be perfectly fine to print, if we have any concerns about the print quality of your photos we will email you before printing.

I cant upload my photos​

If for any reason you have problems uploading your photos, please send us an email with the images attached to [email protected] and we will check and print your images onto your banner. If we are unsure about the quality we may send you a proof of your banner before printing for you to approve.

We recommend to install your banner using Blu tac or drawing pins, Blu tac is also available during checkout.

For best results use a pea sized piece of blue tac every 12 inches around the banner as drawing pins can leave little holes depending on the surface your attaching to.